SMART Property Development is a privately-owned residential property development consultancy based in Melbourne.

“ The Melbourne market is still very ripe for property owners looking to capitalize on practical proven strategies for creating equity and cash flow, through good property development”.
– Peter Comben

From backyard unit developments to multi-million dollar projects in several Australian states, Peter Comben has first-hand experience at every level of the development process.

As an experienced educator in Property development (Peter helped hundreds of property developers get their start in  Property Development through the workshops he taught between 2004 to 2008). Peter understands the needs and fears people have when they take on Property development for the first time.

Peter’s experience is based on actual developments, he has learned by doing, so his knowledge is real, it’s not academic. He also has had many years’ experience as a residential and commercial builder, and is still a registered member of the Master Builders Association of Victoria.

Partnering with Peter, property owners can maximize the potential value in their property, rental yields and income, and avoid all the pitfalls that get inexperienced investors into trouble.

If you are looking to use your property for wealth creation, for example, to create passive income or maximize the value of your property prior to sale, Peter has immense value to offer. Talking to Peter or having him involved in your development project at any level will allow you to leverage his vast experience, and ensure you get the best possible outcome from developing your most valuable asset.

Here’s a brief list of the types of conversations Peter can have with you, to help you unlock and maximize the wealth potential in your property:

  • How to overcome a lack of cash, by partnering with other investors to achieve your greatest potential outcome!
  • How to create your Own Cash-Flow Positive Property Portfolio, by developing the family home or any other property you own.
  • How to retain a new house on your own land, without needing to use your own cash.

Here’s a list of some of the biggest problems Peter routinely helps people solve.

  • I know investing in property is the right path to follow, but I don’t know how to take the first step?
  • I own my own home, but I’m confused as to what is ultimately going to be the best for me both in the short and long term.
  • I know property is more secure than shares so it makes sense to me to have my super in property rather than in shares, but I don’t know how to go about it?
  • I’d like to create a plan that could help me replace my income with income from property in 10 years or less, but I don’t know where to start?
  • I’m afraid of what the future holds for me in retirement. How can I avoid retiring to a council bedsitter or caravan – by unlocking the hidden equity in my home?
  • How do I structure myself financially so as to gain access to funds for development?
  • I’d like to know how I can further invest in property development with the assets I have, namely house investment property and superannuation.
  • How to maximise the value in an inherited property prior to sale, so as to maximise the financial benefit to everyone who has a share in the estate.

If you can relate to any of these sentiments and own a property, contact Peter for a free property development assessment. It costs absolutely nothing to talk to Peter. He’s friendly, helpful and approachable and in one simple conversation he could give you the vision and insight required to change your financial future for the better.

“Peter is a legend, I can’t recommend him highly enough. My wife and I have done one small project after talking to Peter and from it we made more money than in our combined wages for the last year. It’s just insane really. I’d happily recommend that people talk to Peter, it really helped us.”
– Ben Stickland, Burwood, Melbourne.

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Why Do I Offer Free Property Development Assessments?

Here’s why I do this. I know that a certain percentage of people that I provide free property development assessments to end up engaging me to help them develop the untapped potential in their property. This doesn’t happen because of any ‘hard sell’ on my part, it just naturally happens as a consequence of me showing them what’s possible with their property. Let me be frank, I have no interest in working with people that aren’t happy and excited to work with me. I simply do this because I love developing property, and I really enjoy helping people in a in win-win way, to achieve their financial or retirement goals through property development.

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